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We listen, understand and respond. We are open, friendly and welcoming. We embrace new ideas and diverse customs and cultures. Integrity We always strive to do the right thing. Honesty, openness and being straightforward characterise the way we do business.

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We have clear principles and do what we say we will do. Responsibility We take accountability for our social, economic and environmental impact. In this way we aim to make our business, our partners and our communities better for the future. Our Business Principles are our code of conduct and also take account of global and local cultural and legal standards. They confirm our commitment to the highest standards of ethics and business conduct. Core purpose and vision section: Core purpose: Our core purpose is creating brands people love. The core purpose captures the spirit of what we are trying to achieve as a business.

We employ around 50, people and have direct operations in over 60 countries, selling our products in almost every country around the world. In India, Cadbury began its operations in by importing chocolates. The corporate office is in Mumbai. Our core purpose "creating brands people love" captures the spirit of what we are trying to achieve as a business. We collaborate and work as teams to convert products into brands. Simply put, we spread happiness!

Currently Cadbury India operates in four categories viz. In the Chocolate Confectionery business, Cadbury has maintained its undisputed leadership over the years. Our flagship brand Cadbury Dairy Milk is considered the "gold standard" for chocolates in India. The pure taste of CDM defines the chocolate taste for the Indian consumer. Similarly in the medicated candy category Halls is the undisputed leader.

We recently entered the gums category with the launch of our worldwide dominant bubble gum brand Bubbaloo. Bubbaloo is sold in 25 countries worldwide. Since Cadbury has also pioneered the development of cocoa cultivation in India. For over two decades, we have worked with the Kerala Agriculture University to undertake cocoa research and released clones, hybrids that improve the cocoa yield.

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Our Cocoa team visits farmers and advises them on the cultivation aspects from planting to harvesting. Our efforts have increased cocoa productivity and touched the lives of thousands of farmers. Hardly surprising then that the Cocoa tree is called the Cadbury tree! Today, we are poised in our leap towards quantum growth. Yes, like we said we will continue to spread happiness! We create chocolate, gum and candy brands people love - brands like Cadbury, Trident and Halls.

Recently, Cadbury Dairy Milk Desserts was launched, specifically to cater to the urge for 'something sweet' after meals. Cadbury Dairy Milk has exciting products on offer - Cadbury Dairy Milk Wowie, chocolate with Disney characters embossed in it, and Cadbury Dairy Milk 2 in 1, a delightful combination of milk chocolate and white chocolate. Giving consumers an exciting reason to keep coming back into the fun filled world of Cadbury. Cadbury Dairy Milk has been the market leader in the chocolate category for years.

And has participated and been a part of every Indian's moments of happiness, joy and celebration. In the early 90's, chocolates were seen as 'meant for kids', usually a reward or a bribe for children. It appealed to the child in every adult. And Cadbury Dairy Milk became the perfect expression of 'spontaneity' and 'shared good feelings'. The 'Real Taste of Life' campaign had many memorable executions, which people still fondly remember.

In the late 90's, to further expand the category, the focus shifted towards widening chocolate consumption amongst the masses, through the 'Khanewalon Ko Khane Ka Bahana Chahiye' campaign. This campaign built social acceptance for chocolate consumption amongst adults, by showcasing collective and shared moments. The idea involved a tie-up with Reliance India Mobile service and allowed students to check their exam results using their mobile service and encouraged those who passed their examinations to celebrate with Cadbury Dairy Milk.

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Chocolate lovers for a quarter of a century have indulged their taste buds with a Cadbury 5 Star. Rings a bell? That was how Cadbury launched its new offering; Cadbury Perk in With a catchy jingle and tongue in cheek advertising, this 'anytime, anywhere' snack zoomed right into the hearts of teenagers. Raageshwari started the trend of advertising that featured mischievous, bubbly teenagers getting out of their 'stuck and hungry' situations by having a Cadbury Perk.

Cadbury Perk became the new mini snack in town and its proposition "Thodi si pet pooja" went on to define its role in the category. Cadbury Celebrations is available in several assortments: An assortment of chocolates like 5 Star, Perk, Gems, Dairy Milk and Nutties and rich dry fruits enrobed in Cadbury dairy milk chocolate in 5 variants, Almond magic, raisin magic, cashew magic, nut butterscotch and caramels.

The super premium Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Collection which is a festive offering is an exotic range of chocolate covered dry fruits and nuts in various flavours and the premium dark chocolate range which is exotic dark chocolate in luscious flavours. Cadbury Celebrations has become a popular brand on occasions such as Diwali, Rakhi, Dussera puja. It is also a major success as a corporate gifting brand. The communication is based on the emotional route and the tag line says "rishte pakne do" which fits with the brand purpose of strengthening your relationships with something sweet.

Cadbury Bytes is positioned as the 'only sweet snack' in the world of salty snacks.

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The new commercials- 'Tommy' and 'Villain', talk about breaking the stereotype. Cadbury Bournvita was launched during the same year. The Cadbury lineage and rich brand heritage has helped the brand maintain its leadership position and image over the last 50 years. Warner-Lambert recognised the potential of the product and acquired Halls in GUMS Bubbaloo Cadbury India has expanded its confectionary portfolio in by foraying into the Bubble gum category with the launch of Bubbaloo Bubblegum- a successful bubblegum brand from its international portfolio.

Bubbaloo is an innovative soft bubblegum with a centre filled liquid. It is filled with a high level of a great tasting fruit flavoured liquid that floods your mouth instantly. Bubaloo is currently available in two yummy flavors- Strawberry and Mixed Fruit.

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Guarantee that our customers and consumers come first by actively listening and understanding their quality and value expectations at the points of purchase and consumption. Ensure that any representation of our company image, including our products and trademarks, meet approved standards, reinforce our commitment to quality and safeguard the reputation of Cadbury.

Operate audited quality management systems that continually improve processes to deliver this policy and our standards. Assign clear management accountability for setting and meeting measurable goals and targets for quality and food safety. Work with our supply chain and business partners to assure compliance with our quality policy and systems, ensuring quality throughout our supply chain.

Place continuous improvement at the heart of our performance enabling us to deliver superior products and service to our consumers and customers. Create a passion for quality where success and achievement are communicated, recognised and celebrated. We believe that such an approach will generate and sustain significant environmental, social and financial benefits, thereby contributing to our objective of long-term sustainability.

Conduct our business in compliance with environmental, health and safety laws and with our global standards, and regularly assess the compliance of our operations against these requirements. Maintain and continually improve systems to manage our EHS responsibilities, establishing and ensuring employee accountability for our EHS performance at all levels of the organisation.

Set clear targets for continual improvement in our EHS performance and monitor these targets to ensure that they are met. Strive to prevent pollution and to minimise the environmental costs and impacts of our global operations. Provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees, contractors and other visitors to our sites 6. Train and motivate our employees to understand their EHS responsibilities and to participate actively in our EHS programmes 7. Communicate with our shareowners, employees, customers and other interested parties by regularly reporting on our EHS performance and maintaining an open dialogue.