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Football Hooliganism, Fan Behaviour and Crime

Qty : Please note there is a week delivery period for this title. Rather, the creation of identity is at the root of hooliganism, with all the cultural values and rituals, codes of honour and shame, and communal patterns of behaviour and consumption that accompany it. The author locates hooliganism historically within the milieu of an industrial working class culture and examines ideas of performance and ritual encompassed in idealized masculinity.

It contributes to the debate on football hooliganism by challenging many traditionally-held notions of hooliganism and by providing the first anthropological study of football violence.

Football Hooligans - Leeds v Millwall - 2007

Falsehoods such as this, it is argued, are advanced to augment the powers of the police and media in redefining and controlling particular groups of individuals whose behaviour does not fit easily within increasingly constrictive codes of social conduct. This book represents essential reading not only for undergraduates of social anthropology, sociology and criminology but also for the general reader with an interest in football culture.

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Occasional outbursts of visible disorder do still occur at football matches, but these are not as regular as they were during the late s when levels of football hooliganism in England reached their peak. Since then, increased TV coverage and corporate investment as well as alterations to stadiums, security, policing and a concerted effort to market football as an inclusive, family-oriented sport, have stimulated some quite dramatic transformations within the game.

Recent research suggests that football hooliganism does seem to provide potential fertile ground for more organised, acquisitive criminal activities in several ways.

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Some of the men I have interviewed who are regularly involved in football hooliganism first witnessed violence in the communities they grew up in, slowly cultivating their own incipient reputations on the streets of these communities and in the secondary schools they attended. Those regularly involved in football violence are often already associated with networks of men with violent reputations and that may also be involved in varying forms of criminality.

If not, through regular association with football hooligan firms, they will inevitably come into contact with a range of individuals who may be engaged in acquisitive criminality. The violent reputations forged through engaging in football violence provided a personal resource that can be useful for ambitious, entrepreneurial men plying their trades in highly competitive and sometimes dangerous illegal markets.

But football hooligan firms also offer ideal contexts within which to distribute illicit substances, particularly cocaine, or other goods.

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For example, If authorities make some restriction such as entry with alcohol, people can not getting drunk and no not fighting. Secondly,introducing some strong punishment can affect the person's behavior during the match.

If people know this penalty, they can not acting violently due to for fear of be sent to prison. In conclusion, hooliganism in sport branches especially in football is topic which very relevant to modern society.

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