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Parsons MA Fashion Studies Class of Thesis Abstracts « Fashion Studies

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Learn tactics to build teams and manage relationships across a remote and diverse organization with vendors, customers and partners scattered across the globe. Crystalize your own personal and professional values and change the trajectory of your career by practicing responsible leadership in line with these values. Take real ownership of your personal and professional development so that you can transition to the next phase of your career. Consumers have their own unique values that reflect their cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds — as well as their cumulative exposure to influences via the media, social media and day-to-day life.

A constant striving to better understand what really drives your customers is a critical component in building valuable relationships with them, as well as in creating and implementing effective marketing strategies. This module will take an in-depth and critical look at customer insight, models of consumer behavior, consumer value, and the social, economic and psychological roots of the discipline.

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Your analytical skills will be challenged through practical exercises, using consumer insight to develop integrated global communications campaigns. Developing and implementing successful global marketing plans requires an ability to perform comprehensive market analysis and take a perspective that captures both the big picture and the critical details. As the world of finance — and the digital age — drives transparency on all aspects of business practice, strategic decisions need to be made that reach far beyond traditional considerations of product, promotion, and price.

GCNYC draws on years of our parent university's commitment to the Common Good, something which increasingly impacts a company's ability to convince customers, shareholders, and employees. Fashion companies need to prove their commitment as well, ideally showing themselves as leaders in the creative economy or, at the very least, offsetting their impacts.

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This module covers the range from fashion brand creation and maintenance, fashion communication decisions, routes to market, the role of retail, pricing decisions, critical pathways, operationalization and implementation, contingency planning and strategic evaluation. Through the development of a strategic marketing plan and by designing methods of monitoring and evaluating plan implementation, you will master the analysis of alternative marketing strategies using both qualitative and quantitative data.

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Technology has always had a dramatic impact on the fashion industry, and the pace of technological changes today requires leaders who can respond rather than react. Understanding the transformational shift in the professional practice of marketing — leveraging digital tools and channels that create and deliver targeted messaging — is vital to scaling a brand. In this module, you will engage with a number of academic theories and current technologies to explore the role of technology in the creative process of developing brands.

You will then use these creative and critical skills to develop, present and virtually produce a new brand concept. You will also focus on the international fashion supply chain — from market trends and product concept to sourcing, buying and merchandising — looking for ways to deliver on the promise of profitable sustainability by achieving competitive advantage in an ethical and sustainable manner. This module exposes students to the most important quantitative and qualitative methods needed for academic and applied research.

Students will learn to critically evaluate new concepts, ideas and evidence from a range of sources and transfer their findings into practice. By gaining new skills in delivering written and oral presentations at the advanced management level, students can ensure that their voices are heard across company divisions and functions.

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One primary aim of this module is to prepare students for their dissertation by providing them with a framework to successfully conduct the type of research that is critical to management, as well as to internal and external consulting projects. The proposal for the dissertation will be developed as part of this course. Building on the proposal developed in Research Methods, this module offers students an opportunity to focus in-depth on an investigation of a substantial business issue or problem. Students are required to demonstrate critical awareness of business practices, relevant theories, and research techniques and approaches.

In conducting and presenting their research, students will have a unique opportunity to apply concepts, theories and techniques, drawing on internationally published literature and good practice, to develop and interpret knowledge about management practice in their area of inquiry. Each project will be supervised and supported by an appropriate academic staff member. Regardless of the form selected, the project must be theoretically robust and methodologically sound to meet the academic requirements of the module.

Our close-knit academic community is made up of a diverse group of highly motivated, creative change-makers from all over the world. We will work together, learning from and challenging each other. Small class sizes ensure meaningful interactions with professors and guest speakers. Completing a dissertation will demonstrate to your employers that you have what it takes to tackle the issues most important in international fashion marketing with real academic rigor — and to propose solutions that emphasize sustainability as well as profitability.

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Master the sustainable business of fashion, using integrated marketing to deliver systemic change and profitable sustainability. Graduate Prospects This program attracts hard-working, smart individuals who are passionate about careers where they can help their future employers or their own ventures achieve financial success without compromising on their personal values.

Study Options. Award M. Mode of study Part Time. Duration 16 Months.

Start date Apr Location New York. Enquire Apply. Mode of study Full Time. Duration 1 Year. Start date Jan Start date Sep Understand the ethical dilemmas facing organizations operating across national boundaries.

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Apply a range of analytical tools and frameworks for assessment and development of a firm's strategic capability, competences and competitive position in a variety of global settings. Use analytical methods and techniques to evaluate the financial performance and sustainability of a firm's strategy. Evaluate the challenges and choices that firms face when formulating and implementing innovative strategies to create sustainable business value.

Plan, implement, report and present findings of a group-based international business strategy project. Value-Based Leadership Skills for an Interconnected World MMN Formerly titled Personal and Professional Development What would your professional future look like if it reflected your unique values — and the pursuit of the common good? Consumer Led Fashion Marketing MMN Consumers have their own unique values that reflect their cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds — as well as their cumulative exposure to influences via the media, social media and day-to-day life.

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On successful completion of this module, the student should be able to: Demonstrate an advanced understanding of the role of customer insight in marketing practice and building strategic customer relationships. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the underlying theories and concepts explaining consumer behavior from a cognitive, behavioral and experiential perspective.