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Thomas Hardy

After a tragic start Henchard becomes the mayor of a town named Casterbridge but being pretty unsuccessful in his business he hires an honourable Scotchman named Donald Farfrae as his manager who not just helps him boost his business but also becomes his close friend. Another tragedy surpasses Henchard in the form of death of his re-courted wife Susan whom he got back again after a long span. Moreover her letter provokes Henchard to add up another tragic incidence for himself.

This revelation turns astound Henchard indignant towards Elizabeth-Jane thus making her and own self estranged and alone respectively. Re-failure of love.

The Life and Death of the Mayor of Casterbridge: A Story of a Man of Cha

Estranged Elizabeth-Jane coincidently meets her and finally moves in with her to her house. Thus solitude Henchard proposes Lucetta for marriage with the promise of returning back her love-letters.

Losers and Tragic Heroes

Hence here too he suffers the tragic incidence. Superstition, the intruding tragedy. Tragic Death. Realizing the truth contained in the future Henchard leaves her and the town. When Michael arrived in Casterbridge he was a 'journeyman hay-trusser.

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Free Essays words 2. An example of this is Macbeth in the play written by Shakespeare where he gets himself into a position of eminence through sins but cannot stop his fate as it is left out of his control.

The same can be said for Michael Henchard. We meet Michael Henchard first as a young hay trusser walking along the road leading to Weydon Priors with his wife and daughter Powerful Essays words 7. Michael Henchard does not just have one characteristic or just one personality for that matter. His personality can be described as thoughtful and strong-minded but also as ruthless, stubborn and cold. Henchard's impulsiveness, aggressive attitude, childishness and selfish nature made failure and misery inevitable in his life Powerful Essays words Should we pity him at the end of the novel, or does he get what he deserves.

The whole story rotates around his life, and how he and the other characters change.

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Many criticise Thomas Hardy for this book due to the unlikely coincidences that occur many times through the book. Powerful Essays words 3 pages. He starts his life at badly, as he sells his wife to a young gentle sailor called Newson.

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His impression changes, as he becomes a wealthy corn merchant and the Mayor of Casterbridge. In this coursework, I will be discussing Henchard's personality, and the reasons for his success and his deterioration in life This was done to educate the reader about how Rome gained its greatness and became the military and cultural center of the world at that time.

He wanted to inform the readers about how the Roman Empire grew from one city tribe, to dominate the Italian peninsula, and finally to conquer the Mediterranean coast. This conquest led to what was then the great Greek and Egyptian Empires Free Essays words 0. He came over to America with his family at the age of seven.

Mayor Of Casterbridge

He was raised in the town of New Haven, Connecticut until he went to Harvard at sixteen. He graduated in but remained a tutor for three years. He was called to the ministry and accepted a call to a church in Malden, Massachusetts, in and remained in that town the rest of his life.

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